Business Consulting in Saudi Arabia

If you’re running a business, you spend your time managing several departments. Getting consultation on business functions that are not your expertise can achieve your growth faster. Let our specialists handle the analysis, to help you save time and cost.


years of experience.


different industries.

ACT Consultancy Services

Management Consultancy

  • Transform your business model to a sustainable operation.
  • Increase profitability.
  • Define a hierarchy of goals.
  • Receive clarity on Saudi Arabia market.
  • Find creative solutions to your pain points.

Investment Consultancy

  • Review your firm’s financial situation.
  • Formulate an investment plan.
  • Understand investment compliance in KSA.
  • Maximize profitability on your investment.

Risk and Compliance Consultancy

  • Discover potential risks.
  • Analyse and mitigate risk opportunity.
  • Ensure compliance with Saudi Arabia laws.
  • Make informed decisions.

Legal Consultancy

  • Understand local laws.
  • Adapt to legislative changes.
  • Develop a plan for company formation in KSA.
  • Create accurate legal documents.

Operations and Process Consultancy

  • Build a strong infrastructure.
  • Create time-efficient and cost-effective process flows.
  • Identify areas which have outgrown your current workflows.
  • Find tasks that can be automated.
  • Measure process efficiencies.

Human Resource Consultancy

  • Understand Saudization (Nitaqat) laws.
  • Understand how to retain talent.
  • Build a succession planning strategy.
  • Manage restructuring.
  • Improve and prioritize HR operations.

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