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Get consultation on company formation in Saudi Arabia

Ensure none of your resources are wasted in the process of company set up. ACT specialists provides complete solutions to meet your goals while maintaining compliance.

Get consultation on mergers and acquisitions

Our experts provide support with obtaining strategic partners, conducting due diligence and preparing investors packs.

Outsource your corporate PRO activities

Save up to 60% of operational costs, eliminate government fines and delays, and receive alerts on process changes in Saudi Arabia.

Talk to our expert business consultants

Our team of business consultants in Saudi Arabia provides advice on management, liquidation, crisis, risk, cost reduction, and restructuring.

Outsource HR and administrative work

Spend more time on growing your business and let us handle your HR activities including payroll and administration. ACT uses a customized CRM which is maintained in-house to ensure complete data security.

About ACT

ACT Corporate Services is a complete support system that provides small businesses and multinational corporations in KSA and UAE services related to company formation, legal administration, government liaison, business consultancy, and HR administration.







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