Consultation on Mergers and Acquisitions in Saudi Arabia

A clear valuation strategy, selecting the ideal partner, flawless due diligence and smooth integration are critical to a successful merger or acquisition. Our M&A specialists at ACT Corporate Services conduct detailed analyses to advise your firm to scale, sell or hold.

We provide answers to these vital questions:

  • How can I optimise shareholder value?
  • How can my company obtain financing for the transaction?
  • How will the operations structure change?
  • Which government entities in Saudi Arabia are involved?
  • How can I identify target firms for acquisition and evaluate them accurately?
  • What are the steps involved in due diligence?
  • What restructuring can I expect after integration?
  • What are compliance requirements in Saudi Arabia post-merger?

Our Mergers and Acquisitions services in Saudi Arabia include:

  • Creating M and A concepts according to our client’s business strategy.
  • Categorizing a list of potential buyers or sellers and provide a strategy to approach them.
  • Managing legal and compliance regulations of KSA during the M and A process.
  • Creating our client’s information memorandum for prospective buyers or sellers.
  • Approaching prospects to determine their interests.
  • Advising our clients on negotiation strategies.
  • Advising our clients on advantageous deal structuring.
  • Researching and advising on financing options.
  • Conducting due diligence.
  • Drafting the letter of intent, memorandum of understanding, contracts, and other closing documents.
  • Arranging disclosure documents and monitoring closing.

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