Saudi Arabia Introduces New Temporary Visa - Banner Image

Saudi Arabia Introduces New Temporary Visa, Revolutionizing Work Opportunities

Saudi Arabia Introduces New Temporary Visa - Banner Image

In a significant move aimed at enhancing its global presence and attracting skilled professionals, Saudi Arabia has recently unveiled a new temporary work visa program. With a focus on promoting economic growth and cultural exchange, the temporary work visa scheme marks a significant turning point in Saudi Arabia’s efforts to diversify its workforce and stimulate innovation.

The program offers a renewable three-month visa that enables foreign workers to reside and work in Saudi Arabia temporarily. It is valid for 1 year from the date of issuance.


Eligibility and Application Process

To be eligible for the temporary work visa, companies are required to submit the request for the new temporary work visa through their Qiwa account, an online platform providing access to the Ministry of Human Resources’ services. However, specific conditions must be met, such as possessing a valid commercial registration (if applicable to the company’s business activity) and having no previous remarks from the wages protection system on the establishment.

The initial government cost for visa application is SR 1,000. For full charges, get in touch with ACT Corporate Services at


Impact on Nitaqat and Iqama Requirements

The implementation of the Temporary Work Visa program does not have any impact on the classification of establishments under the Saudization scheme, Nitaqat. As per Nitaqat regulations, the institution must belong to the medium green category or a higher category. All employees within the organisation applying for the temporary visa should be issued valid work permits. It is not necessary to obtain iqamas for Individuals hired on temporary work visas.


Employment Opportunities and Diverse Industries

Saudi Arabia’s new visa program unlocks an array of employment opportunities across diverse sectors. With a focus on sectors crucial to the nation’s Vision 2030 initiative, such as technology, healthcare, finance, tourism, and entertainment, the program aims to attract top-notch talent capable of driving innovation and growth.

The Kingdom’s burgeoning tech sector, especially, is set to benefit significantly from the temporary work visa program. Saudi Arabia’s commitment to technological advancement is evident in initiatives like the NEOM project, which aims to create a cutting-edge, futuristic city. The program welcomes tech experts and entrepreneurs to contribute to the country’s digital transformation, fostering a thriving ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Saudi Arabia’s new temporary work visa program paves the way for a remarkable transformation in the nation’s employment landscape. By attracting international talent, the Kingdom strengthens its position as a global player and accelerates its economic diversification efforts. The program’s benefits extend beyond economic gains, fostering cultural exchange, and promoting innovation.

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